With sustainable energy being such an important issue, I wanted to delve deeper into the subject to create a platform that converts wasted energy into usable energy. In this case the main goal was to create a wearable that would be powered by wasted energy of the user.


The Thermo-Light strap is a safety strap for joggers, powered by their own body heat. The strap emits light from 2 LEDs that shine through one strand of side-glow optic fibre filament. The optic fibre is woven into the strap in a wave pattern, with the wave describing motion.


For this project I created a business model, which also describes the impact this product could have on the societal group of joggers/runners in the city of Eindhoven. I also conducted user research to gain feedback on my ideas, using the co-constructing stories method. Using this method, I got closer to the user, turning research more into a conversation, rather than a formal interview.




Converting your excess body heat, into usable electricity to enhance your safety.


Copyright Robert Szulc 2016