This product is an Android app working with binaural beats. The app is called RALPH (Radio Alpha). The app stimulates the brain to increase brainwave activity in the alpha or beta range (the user controls this option). This is a natural way of making people either relax or focus while working or while taking a break. There is no need for taking pills or other artificial remedies. This app will balance your stress levels in a natural (scientifically proven) way.


The app has 2 pre-generated tracks with the binaural beats. Over these tracks the app will shuffle 15 snippets of music. The snippets are roughly 1 minute long and there is roughly 20 seconds of pure binaural beats between the snippets.


During this project I focused mainly on the business side of things, once the main direction had been fixed. I created a business model for this product and its future. Next to the semi-finished app, there was a physical representation of the app. This was made with laser cut wood and acrylic; adding an extra (physical) dimension to a digital solution.




An Android app to wash away your worries with music, in a natural way.

Copyright Robert Szulc 2016