A device for in-store analytics, keeping your privacy intact.


For my internship I worked at First Line Patent Services (FLPS), now PatentPunt Eindhoven, under guidance of CEO Rene de Torbal. Together with Rene, I set up the Teller Track Systems (TTS) company and developed the PhotoTeller.


The PhotoTeller is a device which performs in-store analytics, anonymously and autonomously. The gathered (raw) data will then be processed by us at TTS and formulated into a report with heat maps for the shop-owner(s), who then use this report to optimize their shops.


The PhotoTeller has been developed into a platform we use at TTS for various applications, such as the T-Racer. The PhotoTeller is a project at Teller Track Systems of which I am co-founder and product manager.


Currently we are busy with the first pilot of the PhotoTeller, in the second largest Lego shop in the world.



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