Motivating rehabilitation of the arm/hand, and making it fun!


The goal of the project was to help CVA (stroke) patients train arm/hand function. Motivating patients was the main part of this project, this meant it had to be fun but still be useful for rehabilitating your arm/hand functions.


The final concept was an adapted version of the board game “Ludo”. It was adapted in such a way that, it would be possible for CVA patients to play it with more ease and also train their arm/hand at the same time.


The main part I worked on during this project was creating the glow up die for the game. The die only shows the numbers on its faces when the LEDs inside are on. This only happens when the player holds the die using their affect arm/hand. I programmed the die using RFID technology connected to a micro controller. The die is also rechargeable, and can be charged in its docking station.




Copyright Robert Szulc 2016