About me

I see myself as a bit of a disruptive designer; going against the stream of traditions and traditional thinking. Many people think that new, advanced technology is better by default, but I strive to prove them wrong. Through my work with various electronics during my studies, I believe that simple, cheap technology has much more to offer, especially when using them in a large network.


I believe that using co-creation at various stages throughout the design process adds great value to the design. To me, using co-creation seems like the difference between tailored and standard, one size fits all suits; you can design with the real needs and wishes of the users in mind.


Through my passion for music and guitars, I started designing and creating my own guitars. I always aimed to do something different within my designs (adding different/unusual technologies, experimenting with shapes and forms). I use these experiences and channel them into tools and knowledge for future challenges. Because of this I am motivated to work with various hard materials, such as wood, metal and plastics. I have explored many aspects throughout the whole design cycle by working on guitars. My preferred method of working is to first do research and explore existing designs/solutions, secondly listing all the (design) requirements, followed by exploring my own concepts through iterations of prototypes.


Designing and creating my own electric guitars has driven me to do more hands-on work and designing in general (and also to become an industrial designer). From working on guitars came my love and interest for light and sound. I love working on various interaction methods to control light and sound, this has lead me on to focus more on technology and electronics within design.

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