I built my own 3D printer following plans for the RepRapPro Mendel 3, but at a considerably lower price. I use different hardware, and I am still in the process of designing and replacing certain parts of the printer to fit my own needs and wishes. One of the main differences compared to what most people use, is that my printer does not require a heated printbed. I have managed to print both PLA and ABS plastics with little to no warping, delamination or cracking. My methods save money, material and electricity (to power the heated bed).


With 3D printing you can easily and quickly create a physical version of concepts and designs, making it easier to iterate and come up with new solutions. On the photos you can view some of the models I have already printed (and some also painted).


Currently I am still calibrating and generally improving the printer, but it is already fully operational.




From a sketch on paper, to a physical prototype, in no time.


Copyright Robert Szulc 2016